Color Schemes

May 12, 2016
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Color Schemes


Neutral colors remain the dominate color scheme for kitchens. A neutral color scheme can produce a comfortable and soothing environment. Neutral paint makes rooms appear larger and brighter. Using the same neutral color in two joining rooms, such as a kitchen and dining room, make the spaces flow together more effectively. They never go out of style, so they benefit those who prefer not to update the look of the home regularly. They allow bold accents or furniture to stand out, rather than look cluttered. Neutral colors create balance and give the room a classic look. Different shades and textures of neutrals in one room add a personal touch without creating busy or flashy tones.


Utilizing two or more colors within a kitchen space is a trend that is continuing to grow. The two-tone trend carries from cabinetry to countertops. In cabinetry by having one color for the perimeter and another for the island; base cabinets utilizing one color while the wall cabinets are another; or on countertops having two separate surfaces on the perimeter and on the island creates a mixed color palette and is a trend that adds personalization and warmth to any kitchen design.


Not only are mixing colors trending but mixing styles such as Contemporary with touches of rustic or industrial, floating shelves made from a different wood specie or open cabinets with the back painted a vivid color are great ways to add warmth to your kitchen design.