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May 12, 2016
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May 12, 2016
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Organization & Storage

Homeowners continue to look for easy prep, maintenance and clean up features to make their life easier and define their spaces in the kitchen. Roll-outs shelves offer flexibility in storage, large pot and pan drawers offer convenience while peg board systems installed into large drawers afford storage of every day dishes under the counter for ease of reach and flexibility of storing large non-standard plates.

Personalized luxury is in demand now more than ever, and is defined as unique features that are meaningful to the owner, choices that are made for lifestyle enjoyment rather than future resale. Designers are incorporating unique designs into their kitchens because the homeowners do not want the same cookie-cutter kitchen as down the street. They want to make it their own.



No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you can never have enough storage and you will always be in search of new storage ideas to declutter the utensil-riddled spaces. Fortunately, there seems to be no end to new kitchen storage solutions. Below are four of the latest trends in kitchen storage that will surely make your life more organized.


1. Fill Those Tricky Places with Slender Pullouts

We have all seen pullout shelving for kitchen storage that makes the best use of space. In fact, installing pullout shelving inside each kitchen cabinet takes basic knowledge and each homeowner has the ability to fill any awkward gap in his/her kitchen with a pullout organizer. Consider filling the gap between your range and counters by tucking a slender pullout with a towel rack. This way, you can keep your mismatched linens within reach but out of sight. A custom cutlery pullout is also a clever use of any skinny space between two appliances.


2. Make the Most of Your Kitchen Corners

Before you say that your kitchen has no more storage space, take a second look at it. Chances are, there is a lot of wasted space in the corners of your kitchen. To make the most of those dead corners, hire a kitchen designer to build custom corner cabinets that come with Lazy Susans. As you may know, a Lazy Susan will not only help increase the capacity, but also keep your items organized and accessible.


3. Convert Your Cabinet into a Hidden Wine Bar

Converting a cabinet into a wine bar will make that area a social hub of the home whenever you entertain your friends and family. You can have them built above your beverage center and all your entertaining needs are kept to once place.


4. Add a Freestanding Pantry Cabinet If Your Space Allows

If you have room in your kitchen, do not hesitate to add a freestanding pantry cabinet this will allows you to increase your kitchen storage without breaking the bank. You can repurpose an old armoire into a pantry cabinet or you can purchase a custom cabinet like the one pictured above. In addition to storage space, many freestanding pantries are now offering extra counter space that homeowners can use for food prep or small appliances. With such an efficient storage system, you’ll certainly expect to save more money and time, not to mention it is relocatable.